Upcoming Study Tours

2018: Guatemala and Honduras

Join us for an exciting study tour to Guatemala and Honduras!  We will visit the ruins of Copan to decipher sculptures depicting Mayan dress, explore museums in Guatemala City, and absorb the culture of the Guatemalan Highlands.  At this time we are in the process of selecting the best dates in May or June 2018 for the thirteen day tour. Our 2018 CSA Symposium will be in Virginia, March 11-17, leaving an open calendar space for the tour.  To add your name to the Guatemala Interest Group, contact Vicki Berger, (602) 256-9457 or v.berger@cox.net.

Past Study Tours

Tour leaders Carol and Jerry Saber introduced CSA travelers to a Japan both traditional and modern. The iconic temples, shrines, gardens, shopping arcades, and artisan workshops exist serenely within dynamic, twenty-first century urban centers. This duality shaped our appreciation of the fashions and textiles, whether seen on the streets, in the finest boutiques or departments stores, or in artisan studios.

Travel took us from Kyoto to Tokyo, with side trips to Nara, Hakone, Nikko, and Kamakura.

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Turkey at Topkapi Palace
With FEST Travel and our dynamic guide Serhan Gungor, CSA travelers experienced Turkey beyond the guidebooks. We traveled off the well-worn paths in the great city of Istanbul, in magnificent Mediterranean landscapes, to world-class archaeological sites, the fairytale landscapes of Cappadocia, notable museums and costume collections and the ateliers of Turkish designers and artisans while enjoying memorable meals of regional Turkish cuisine.

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Turkish Designer Gonul Paksoy with Caralee Pat and Blair