The Journal of CSA

Christina Bates

Associate Editors
Linda Baumgarten
Rob Schorman
Margaret T. Ordoñez, Dress Copy Editor

Book Reviews Editor
Rob Schorman

Editorial Board
Nazli Alimen
Denise Baxter
Daniel James Cole
Jane Farrell-Beck
Jacqueline Field
Sally Helvenston Gray
Abby Lillethun
Sara Marcketti
Ingrid Mida
Pravina Shukla
Linda Welters

The Journal of The Costume Society of America includes articles, book and exhibition reviews, letters to the editor and short reports. It represents the highest level of scholarship and addresses the diverse interests of the membership. Articles may be biographies, conservation reports, theoretical discussions or analytical and interpretative papers that describe and place costume in cultural or historical context.

Dress has increased from 1 to 2 issues per year. The complete archive for Dress from Volume 1, 1975 is available online for institutional subscribers and CSA Members through instructions that can be found on the members-only website.

Issues of DRESS
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To order current and past issues, please contact the Taylor & Francis Customer Services team at Adhoc@tandf.co.uk.

Dress welcomes original contributions that match the aims and scope of the journal on the understanding that their contents have not previously been published and are not submitted for publication elsewhere. All submissions will be sent to independent referees. It is a condition of publication that papers become the copyright of the Costume Society of America (CSA). Authors are not required to be members of the Costume Society of America.

Low resolution electronic submissions should be sent to the editor, Christina Bates, at dress@costumesocietyamerica.com. Authors with questions for the editor are also welcome to contact her by email.

Although digital submissions are preferred, hard copy submissions may be sent to the editor, Christina Bates, at Costume Society of America, P.O. Box 852, Columbus, GA 31902-0852. Hard copy submissions must include five copies of the manuscript, artwork, and figure captions.

Authors must also submit a cover sheet with their name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, title of the manuscript, and a brief biographical statement. In order to protect the anonymity of the author during the blind review process, only the title of the paper should appear on the first page of the paper. Articles must be accompanied by a short abstract (c. 100-150 words) summarizing the contents of the paper.

Articles should not normally exceed 20-25 pages double spaced in length. Short reports 10-15 pages in length may also be considered. Articles should also be accompanied by between five and seven key words to aid searchability of the article online. Any acknowledgments should be placed at the end of the article, before any notes. All pages should be numbered.

Authors must follow the guidelines of the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. For further information about style and formatting of articles and file type requirements please visit Taylor & Francis Group.

Upon acceptance and following final editing, authors will be asked to provide the editor with a finalized draft in digital format via dropbox or on a computer disk indicating type of computer and software used.

It is understood that the Costume Society of America will exercise reasonable precautions in handling submissions and that all submissions are the sole responsibility of the author.