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CSA SERIES Published in partnership with Texas Tech University Press.

American Menswear: From the Civil War to the Twenty-First Century
$53.95 members/$59.95 non-members (cloth)
Daniel Delis Hill
396 pages, 650 b/w illustrations, 37 color, published March 2011
If clothes make the man, who makes the clothes-and the trends they inspire? Fashion historian Daniel Delis Hill takes readers on a fascinatingly detailed tour of America's changing sartorial landscape, tracing menswear from the tailors and "slop shops" of the early nineteenth century to Calvins, tattoos, and the Armani tux.

American Silk, 1830-1930: Entrepreneurs and Artifacts
$40.50 members/$45 non-members (cloth)
Jacqueline Field, Marjorie Senechal, & Madelyn Shaw
320 pages, 100 b/w photos & illustrations, 12 color, published January 2007
Traces the evolution of the American silk industry through three compelling and very different case studies: The Nonotuck Silk Company (Northampton, MA), the Haskell Silk Company (Westbrook, ME), and the Millinson Silk Company (NY & PA).

As Seen in Vogue: A Century of American Fashion in Advertising
$40.50 members/$45 non-members (out of print in cloth)
$33.25 members/$36.95 non-members (paper)
Daniel Delis Hill
226 pages, 600 b/w illustrations, 32 color
A chronicle of American women’s fashions that examines relationships between the mass-market ready-to-wear industry, fashion journalism, and fashion advertising and reveals dramatic transformations in women’s roles and self-image.

Clothing and Textile Collections in the United States: A CSA Guide
$33.95 members/$39.95 non-members (paper)
Sally Queen and Vicki L. Berger
Forward by Rosalyn M. Lester
608 pages, 245 photos, published May 2006
Comprehensive guide to 2400+ American institutions that are open to the public that have clothing, uniforms, accessories, textiles, quilts, and flags among their holdings.  

M. de Garsault's 1767 Art of the Shoemaker: An Annotated Translation
$58.50 members/$65 non-members (cloth)
François A. de Garsault; translated and annotated by D. A. Saguto
304 pages, 83 color & 8 b/w photos, 325 line drawings, published September 2009
Tens of thousands of shoemakers worked in eighteenth-century Paris and London, but if any wrote about their trade before M. de Garsault in his 1767 Art du cordonnier, nothing survives. Surprisingly little scholarship has been published since, until this richly contextualized translation. Informing this edition are D. A. Saguto's extensive notes and incisive examinations of eighteenth-century German and Italian sources as well as later French editions of Garsault's work. The result is an elegant illumination of artisanship and practices that otherwise might have been lost.

The Sunbonnet: An American Icon in Texas
$26.95 members/$29.95 non-members (paper)
Rebecca Jumper Matheson
240 pages
This book focuses on the twentieth century and why the sunbonnet persisted long after it passed out of nineteenth-century fashion. Surveying its previous history, Matheson pursues what the sunbonnet reveals about twentieth-century American fashion, culture, and ideals, as well as class- and race-related issues.

Your Vintage Keepsake: A CSA Guide to Costume Storage and Display
$8.95 members/$9.95 non-members (paper)
Margaret Ordoñez


A Separate Sphere: Dressmakers in Cincinnati’s Golden Age
Cynthia Amnéus
Forward by Timothy Rub
Essays by Anne Bissonnette, Marla Miller, & Shirley Teresa Wajda
216 pages
An exhibition catalogue with essays that examine the nineteenth-century ideology of women's separate sphere, the early feminist movement, women in the workplace, and dressmakers as artisans and professionals.




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