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Date posted to CSA website: October 6, 2014

Employer: Plimoth Plantation, Inc. Plymouth, MA

Position: Manager, Historical English Clothing and Textiles

Job description:
Oversee historical clothing and textiles interpretation and production, managing daily operations, including budgeting, ordering and processing of supplies, interdepartmental communication, and scheduling for the Museum. Research, design, produce, repair and maintain the 17th-century reproduction English clothing for the Museumís Colonial Programs staff. Provide training for the staff in how to wear and care for their garments. Provide training to staff in the history of the style of clothing and manufacture/process of cloth-making in the time period in order to strengthen the exhibit and the interpretation of textiles, clothing, and fashion in Plymouth Colony. Represent the Museumís Historical English Clothing and Textiles programming to other museums, historical organizations and media outlets.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Based on thorough research, create the clothing for the Colonial exhibits and programs.
  • Hire, train, and supervise historical clothing and textiles staff, including volunteers and interns; also provide training for Colonial Programs staff to help them interpret Colonial-period concepts of clothing and fashion as well as the clothes they are wearing.
  • Set departmental goals, assign and supervise textile projects for staff, volunteers and interns.
  • Supervise pattern drafting, construction, fitting and alteration of historically accurate reproduction 17th-century clothing and household textiles using modern and period techniques.
  • Oversee maintenance of reproduction clothing and textiles, including laundering and mending.
  • Oversee production of related textile crafts, such as weaving, dyeing, and knitting.
  • Conduct and document research to improve and expand current wardrobe programming and develop new programs and exhibits.
  • Evaluate and continually strive to improve Colonial Programsí interpretation of clothing, textiles, fiber processes, and sewing skills in first- and third-person.
  • Serve as costume and textile adviser on the Museumís film and photo shoots, and consult with filmmakers, photographers and writers involved with Museum-approved projects.
  • Maintain accurate records of departmentís activities, including clothing issued to interpreters, volunteer hours and knitting kits.
  • Initiate and coordinate departmental outreach activities such as Weaversí Guild of Boston, attend meetings and conferences, present programs and coordinate projects for special audiences beyond the regular Museum guests or staff members.
  • This description focuses on the primary duties of the position. It is not designed nor intended to include all duties inherent in satisfactory performance of the position.

    Job applicant qualifications:
    Education and Experience

  • Bachelorís Degree in the Arts or Humanities required.
  • Proven knowledge of and success in the construction of 17th-century clothing.
  • Some supervisory experience or, at a minimum, project management experience required.
  • Additional Requirements
    Some weekend and holiday work is required.

    Position will remain open until filled.

    Contact information:
    Sue Haverstock
    Associate Director, HR
    Plimoth Plantation, Inc.
    PO Box 1620
    Plymouth, MA 02362
    Phone: 508-503-2680
    Email; shaverstock@plimoth.org
    Website: www.plimoth.org