Since its inception in 2007, the CSA Endowment has consistently received over $20,000 in donations annually. The generous contributions of donors are invested, and the interest is used to fund awards, grants and projects developed and administered by the CSA Board of Directors. As of January 2018, the CSA Endowment is funding a membership drive in the amount of $14,450 and has relieved the organization of $15,350 each year and in perpetuity in covering all the awards, grants and projects that are not privately funded. These include:

Your continued assistance has profoundly impacted our organization and our field. As the Board of Directors finds new ways to support its members and recognize their achievements, the CSA Endowment will provide the financial help that is needed to make those ideas a reality.

Contributions can be designated to honor a colleague or as a memorial. The Dress Society honors those giving for a minimum of five continuous years. The 1973 Legacy Society honors those that have included the CSA Endowment in their will.

Support the Endowment of CSA

$5000 and Above
Starting at $2000
Starting at $1000
Starting at $500
Starting at $250
Starting at $100
Up to $99


Complete the CSA Donor Gift to the Endowment form and include it with your check or credit card information. You may donate online or via postal mail:

CSA Endowment

PO Box 852
Columbus, GA 31902-0852

Click to view the 2017 Solicitation Letter and 2016-2017 List of Donors. For further information about the CSA Endowment, please contact the Chair, Howard Vincent Kurtz at hkurtz@gmu.edu.