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Left: Clothing of Charlotte Reeves Robertson (1751-1843), wife of one
of Nashville's founders; cotton and lace cap; dress of white striped
cotton mull trimmed in handmade ric-rac and lace; wrapper, said to have
been made by herself, of silk and silk velvet with appliqué decoration;
early 19th century; Tennessee State Museum Collection, 5.118 (cap);
5.122 (dress); 3.879 (wrapper).
Right: Clothing and walking stick of Revolutionary War hero and
Tennessee pioneer Joseph Greer (1754-1831); three-piece suit of blue
linen jeans material lined in plain linen, said to have been spun,
woven, and tailored by his wife, Mary Ann Harmon Greer (1787-1857),
after their marriage in 1811; Tennessee State Museum Collection, 5.201
(suit); 5.199 (stick).
Copyright, Tennessee State Museum

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