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The Richard Martin Exhibition Award

How to Apply
Complete an entry form.
Include six (6) copies of the each of the following materials to be used in judging. Applications can be submitted in hardcopy format or electronically via CDs.
1. A statement about the concept for the exhibition. Include the goals and expectations.
2. Brief description of the institution that presented the costume exhibition. Please include an annual budget figure for the institution or if the institution is a college, university or a museum with many curatorial departments, use the annual departmental budget for the department that generated the exhibition.
3. Key staff and rolls: List the people who worked on the exhibit with a brief description of each person's responsibilities and note if they were paid staff or unpaid volunteers, interns or students.
4. Brief description of the physical exhibition space, including, but not limited to square footage, number of galleries, floor plan, etc. If the space presents specific challenges (such as inability to move platforms, etc.) please include this information.
5. Exhibition budget: Costs for design, mounting, conservation, publications, programs, research (estimate of staff time for this OK), consultants, additional staff, and any miscellaneous costs specific to that exhibit. Note if any moneys came from grant support. If exact figures are unavailable, please estimate the costs.
6. Exhibition production schedule.
7. Brief statement about the conservation methods used in the exhibition.
8. Walk-through of the exhibition: Set of slides, photographs or a computer compact disk (CD) with scanned photographs of the exhibition (no more than 20) depicting a walk through to give a sense of the exhibition as a whole.
9. Label text: Include whole text if possible, otherwise, include the major concept labels and subordinate labels unless it is simply object identification.
10. Include examples of a catalog, gallery guides, brochures, handouts, etc. about the exhibit.
11. Programs & Audience: Brief description of associated public programs and how specific audiences were targeted (programs, publicity, internet connections, etc.). If available, include attendance information such as visitor numbers to exhibit and website.
12. Additional materials such as website address, video, etc.

Assemble six (6) copies of the materials listed above. Place each set of application materials in a 3-ring binder or folder with the exhibition title and/or institution's name on each slide, photograph or CD. Include an entry form with each folder/binder. Mail the six (6) binders/folders to the national office of the Costume Society of America.

If application is prepared in electronic format, provide six (6) CDs with all of the required information. If you would like the application materials returned to you, please also submit six (6) self-addressed, pre-paid return envelopes with the application materials. Submissions from outside of the United States should use UPS or Fed-Ex prepaid return envelopes. If prepaid return mailers are not included, the Richard Martin Exhibition Award selection committee members will assume they may keep the application materials.

Indicators of Excellence in Costume Exhibitions

An exhibition is successful if it is physically, intellectually and emotionally engaging to those who experience it. While many exhibitions achieve a competent level of professionalism, each year there are a few exhibitions, presented by both small and large institutions that achieve excellence by surpassing standards of practice in scholarship, interpretation and/or design, or by introducing innovations that stretch the boundaries of accepted practice. Such exhibitions serve as models of the capacity of costume exhibitions to provide transforming experiences to both students of costume and to the public in general.

In addition, The exhibition includes innovative uses of media, material, and other design elements.

The exhibition is particularly beautiful, exceptionally capable of engendering a personal, emotional response, and/or profoundly memorable.

The exhibition evokes responses from viewers that are evidence of a transforming experience. Such experiences are often characterized in these ways: It was haunting. The exhibition was an absolute eye-opener. I'll never see XXX in the same way again. I was filled with excitement. It knocked my socks off.

In addition: The objects are mounted appropriately, and the requirements of good conservation (such as light levels, climate control, etc.) are met.

The Richard Martin Award Committee
The committee consists of a non-voting chair and five (5) committee members. All members of the committee serve for a three-year term.

The guidelines for the Richard Martin Award were adapted from:

1) The Awards program of the American Association for State and Local History

2) The Standards for Museum Exhibitions and Indicators of Excellence developed by the Standing Professional Committees Council of the American Association of Museums

3) The awards program of the Costume Society of America.

Calendar for Richard Martin Award
June 15: Deadline for August 1 Newsletter application announcement

September 15: Deadline for November 1 Newsletter application announcement

January 15: Application deadline for the Richard Martin Award

By February 1: Award committee members receive materials from the CSA national office

By March 15: Award Committee makes its selection(s) by conference call

By March 30: Recipient(s) and applicants are notified of award recipient(s)

Immediately following notification, committee members will return application materials (submitted with self-addressed, pre-paid envelopes) to the applicants.

The Richard Martin Award Committee
The Costume Society of America
390 Amwell Road, Suite 402
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
(800) CSA-9447 or (908) 359-1417