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CSA Scholars' Roundtable Honor


The CSA Scholars’ Roundtable Honor recognizes those who exemplify high standards in costume scholarship. Roundtable scholars are also charged with creating a National Symposium presentation that stimulates consideration and discussion of issues pertaining to costume scholarship.


The Scholars' Roundtable was formed in 1997 to enhance costume scholarship, taking it in innovative and interdisciplinary directions. During their two-year term, members of the Roundtable benefit from exchanging ideas as they plan their program for the CSA National Symposium, while CSA members at the National Symposium benefit from the scholars’ presentation and resulting discussion of issues in the field of costume studies.


Any member of CSA is eligible for nomination. Self-nominations are accepted. Nominees should be those who:

  • have done or who are doing innovative work in the field of costume
  • are willing to explore scholarly ideas, share their own approaches and methodology, and work collaboratively with other scholars
  • are interested in stimulating the consideration and discussion of issues pertaining to the field of costume
  • Nomination Deadline

    Nominations for the 2014 Scholars’ Roundtable are due by December 15, 2013.

    Nomination Procedure

    Once the consent of the potential nominee is obtained, nominators should submit the nominee’s name and contact information to:

    Ann Wass, Scholars’ Roundtable Committee Chair
    5903 60th Avenue
    Riverdale, MD 20737

    The committee chair contacts nominees, who submit a C.V. and statement (double spaced, no more than five pages) that outlines the approaches, methodology, and innovations of their scholarly work and cites examples of issues in costume scholarship that would be good subjects for the National Symposium presentation.

    Selection Criteria

    Roundtable scholars from one year serve as the selection committee for the next year’s scholars.

    Nominees will be evaluated on:

  • high standards of innovative scholarship
  • demonstrated critical thinking about scholarly ideas and approaches
  • potential to work collaboratively to create a stimulating presentation for the National Symposium
  • Scholars' Roundtable Schedule

    Nominees will be notified of the outcome of the selection process by February 15. Selected roundtable scholars then work together to prepare a presentation for the CSA National Symposium that explores scholarly issues and stimulates discussion.


    CSA Scholars' Roundtable Honor Recipients

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    Sara Marcketti
    Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

    Christina Johnson
    FIDM Museum & Galleries, Los Angeles, California

    Dr. Ann B. Wass
    Riversdale House Museum, Riversdale, Maryland

    Dr. Elizabeth J.W. Barber
    Professor Emerita of Linguistics and Archaeology, Occidental College
    Los Angeles, California

    Cynthia Cooper
    Head, Collections and Research/Curator, Costume and Textiles,
    McCord Museum
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Mark D. Hutter
    Senior Journeyman Tailor, Historic Trades, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
    Williamsburg, Virginia

    Anne Bissonnette
    Marilyn DeLong
    Howard Kurtz

    2009 - 2010:
    Hiatus of Scholars' Roundtable

    Tina Bates
    Joseph Hancock
    Gayle Strege

    Catherine Amoroso Leslie
    Jean Parsons
    Dennita Sewell

    Hiatus of Scholars' Roundtable

    Sandra Buckland
    Jacqueline Field
    Elaine Pedersen

    Hiatus of Scholars' Roundtable Honor

    Hiatus of Scholars' Roundtable Honor

    Nancy Bryant
    Edward Maeder
    Charlotte Jirousek
    Laurel Wilson

    Joanne Eicher
    JoAnn Stabb
    Sally Helvenston
    Margaret Spicer
    Naomi Tarrant

    Patricia Anawalt
    Beverly Chico

    Patricia A. Cunningham
    Jane Farrell-Beck
    Valerie Steele

    Linda Baumgarten
    Claudia Brush Kidwell
    Elizabeth J. W. Barber
    Joy Emery

    Jean Druesedow
    Jo B. Paoletti
    Phyllis Tortora
    Patricia Campbell Warner
    Linda Welters


    For application materials, specific eligibility requirements, or more detailed information, please contact the National Office. Include the name of the grant in your request.